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The Pilcri have been captured! You must save them! Not Without You is an insanely clever 2D puzzle brain-teaser, created by mad scientists! What's insane about it? First, the Pilcri all move in unison - one moves left, they ALL move left! And, all exits must be covered at the sametime. How can you help? Utilize the environment, to best position them to successfully flee - through the trap doors in each level!

Not Without You is a fresh, modern take on classic puzzle mechanics that's accessible to gamers of all ages, yet challenging enough for hardened problem-solvers. While targeted at mobile users, it is still addictive on PCs and Macs. How “addictive”? How’s a 37-minute median session time? (The median amount of time played by customers like you, each time this game is opened, is 37 minutes. The average is much longer! Sounds like an excellent babysitter (or daily escape), doesn’t it?)


  • Move in Unison - All Pilcri move in the same direction at the same time
  • Plentiful Puzzles - Hours of levels that entertain, tease and challenge your mind!
  • Brain Builder - Practice your strategic thinking, spatial relations, and scientific methodology!
  • Magical World - Hand-crafted art that offers endless wonder!
  • Pay Just Once - Play as much as you want! No ads! No micro-transactions! FREE updates!


This is what  David Cruz, holder of TWO video game Guinness World Records™ says about Not Without You: “When I first had the pleasure to try this game, I was hooked. Some levels are straightforward and easy, but some are really hard to figure out and even harder to get 3 stars on. You really have to think and strategize, which is something I really enjoy doing. Can you save all the Pilcri and beat an existing low score? With more worlds coming, there's plenty more to look forward to and more challenges ahead. Thank you!”

“This is a fun little puzzle type game. You move the Pilcri guys around to exit the area. Each area is different and is blocked in some way. It starts out easy and gets harder and harder. Fun. Fun. Fun.” - Mike Slifker (BiffsGamingVideos)

“The real beauty of "Not Without You" lies in its simplicity. The interface is clean and intuitive, and the puzzles are challenging, yet solvable. Completing a level feels like an accomplishment! I really enjoyed my time with this game, and I highly recommend it to puzzle game fans!” - TheLazyGeneral (Twitch Streamer)

It's cute, not easy. And, if you get addicted, don't say we didn't warn you. Are you a puzzle Hero? Save the Pilcri!

Not Without You is one of many titles in Burnout Game Ventures' pipeline, a portfolio of which is provided by Adventure Beard, LLC, a joint venture between Bad Pilcrow, Inc. (the IP holder), Major Games, Inc. (one of BGV’s Client Partners), and BGV. Burnout Game Ventures, where we incubate game companies from zero-to-sales in six months or less!

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Buy Now$1.99 USD or more

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